Reiki Healing

Energy is a mysterious force.

And one of the many ways that force works is through a sacred healing practice called,

Reiki – a Japanese wellness technique that works wonders for stress reduction and relaxation.

I am currently studying to become a Reiki Master, which includes all 3 levels of reiki healing for people as well as animals – in person and through long distance.

Tis’ the season and I’m gifting you a long distance Reiki Treatment! 

To receive your FREE DISTANT HEALING SESSION, email me and we’ll schedule your free 30 minute session to you can experience Reiki from the comfort of your own home – as my gift to you. 

I’ve found Reiki to be a beautiful practice to heal myself and my loved ones. As I continue to explore the world of energy work, I  invite you to join me and discover the power of our guiding life force energy.

Any thoughts?

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