Today’s Ahimsa Lesson: Break the Cycle and Laugh at Anger.

I’ll be the first to admit that there have been many times where my hot head has gotten the best of me.

Each day brings a new challenge to do my best – handling any steamy situations with cool collected awareness.

Lots of growth has happened, but as with all life’s journeys, growth is endless.

And so when I started seeing red over some ridiculous thought my monkey mind wondered too today, the message to chill out traveled fast as my hand unintentionally snapped my brush while prepping to dye my hair. I mean it’s an old brush but still – I didn’t think I was brining that much force haha

Aha classic move Universe, I see you checkin me.

Your Love Lesson for the day:

Negative attracts negative and if your bring any negative vibe into the situation, you’ll likely see more.

So I did and I did but when I did I realized it and laughed at myself. Because, well, we have to. Laughing heats the heart – steeling the thunder from that damn head.

So girl, chill out. Breath. You’re actually pretty funny when you’re angry. Now lets put on a smile on and get back to the fun. Besides, it’s Friday 😘



Any thoughts?

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